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Original Mortal Kombat produced by Midway is one of the greatest fighting games in history since it introduced many new features in the whole genre. The plot of the game and in all Mortal Kombat remakes evolves within tenth Mortal Kombat tournament, where Liu Kang - young Shaolin monk has encontered and defeated treacherous sorcerer Shang Tsung.

About 500 years ago in the yearly Shaolin's tournament, the most prestigeous martial arts competition in the world, was interrupted by the appearance of an old sorcerer and a strange 4-hands creature who took part in the tournament and killed the Great Kung Lao. The name of fighter from semi-human-semi-dragon race Shaokan was Goro. He was the only champion of Mortal Kombat for the next 500 years. His wins were part of the plan of Shang Tsung to take over the Earthrealm for the Emperor of the Outworld.

Each character in Mortal Kombat trilogy has his own story of how he turned out to be at the tournament. Each of them pursue hiss personal goals for which he will fight till the end.

It is interesting to note that creators of the game - Ed Boon and John Tobias initially planned to make a game, in which the major role would be played by a famous action hero Jean-Claude Van Damme. However Van Damme was already engaged in negotiations with another company (though a game of with his participation has never been produced), therefore developers decided to make a game basing on a movie "Enter the dragon" with Bruce Lee. Although there is a character in the game who looks like Van Damme - Johny Kage, a Hollywood actor who's secret punch is the attack in transverse splits position on enemy's groin. As one may remember this hold was used by the character of Van Damme in "Blood Sport" movie.

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