Mortal Kombat Online

Mortal Kombat online is the first fighting game in the games series of the same name, released by Midway company in 1992. Mortal Kombat was transfered to almost all popular in early 90-s game consoles by Acclaim Entertainment.

The plot of Mortal Kombat game goes along the 10-th tournament named Mortal Kombat and the defeat of evil sorcerer Shang Tsung by Liu Kang, a young monk from shaolin order. The game has become a bestseller and provoked much discussion about presence of violence and brutality in videogames.

Many years ago a sorcerer-betrayer from Earth Realm, Shang Tsung was sent to fight for the Outer World in Mortal Kombat competition. Shang Tsung has won several fights in a row, but his winning series was iterrupted by a monk from shaolin order - The Great Kung Lao. Some years later he returned to the tournament with a new ally - prince Goro from Shao Kan race. Goro managed to beat The Great Kung Lao and Shang Tsung took his soul with him. After the Goro's victory Shang Tsung killed one of Grandmasters who controlled the competition and took his place. So since then he was able to garble the results in favor of Shao Kan. Later Shang Tsung got rid of two other managers of the tournament, leaving himself as the only master. It seemed like no one could stop the monster and Earth Realm is doomed. The fate of the Earth was to be defined on the 10-th Mortal Kombat tournament and the fighters that will take part in it.

Liu Kang was chosen by Shaolin order to recover the balance between good and evil, defeat Shang Tsung and Goro and return control over the tournament. Johnny Cage entered the competition after getting an invitation to joined it as one of the strongest fighters in the world. There he made friend with Liu Kang when the latter helped him in the battle with Kano on a ship proceeding towards the island where the tournament is held. A fighter from a Chinese contractors clan Lin Kuay, Sub-Zero attended the competition for two reasons: he was personally invited to the tournament by Shang Tsung and besides some one among the enemies of the old sorcerer hired him to kill Shang Tsung. Ninja-ghost Scorpion from Shirai Riu clan came to the tournament to kill Sub-Zero and revenge him for his death. Thunder God and Earth Realm defender Raiden was invited to Mortal Kombat personally by Shang Tsung. He declared that everyone who dares to challenge him will be exterminated. To participate in the tournament he adopted a human appearance. Kano - the boss of criminal gang Black Dragon attended the tournament in order to plunder Shang Tsung's castle, which according to legends is made of pure gold. Leutenant Sonia Blade from the U.S. Special Purpose Detachment, has been chasing Kano for a long time and therefore followed him to the ship. As soon as Sonia and her detachment came to the island personal army of Shang Tsung captured them. Shang Tsung made Sonia to take part in the copetition and promised that if she doesn't win, he will execute all the members of her detachment. From these events the tenth Mortal Kombat tournament has begun.

Since warriors from the Outer World have already won 9 tournaments in a row, fighters from the Earth don't have any other choice except winning this time . In case they are defeated the whole Earth Realm will immerse into chaos and darkness of the Outer World.

You can play Mortal Kombat classic directly on this page.

Use arrows to move, and A, S, D to block, punch and kick.